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Comparison between Technical Aspects of Android and IOS

Comparison between Technical Aspects of Android and IOS
Advancements in technology have led to transformation of mobile phones to much useful devices. Users have lot many options to choose from and android and IOS are the most preferred phones. Even though, there is a close battle between the two, android has been able to top the list of smart phones that any person will like to have. There are some technical aspects that make android a better option. These aspects allow a person to use the phone for both personal as well as business use.

Aspect#1: User Interface
The interface of android has been developed and improved to new levels compared to IOS. The latest android has much easier and innovative interface achieved through Google. The navigation buttons are different for different functions and therefore are easy to use. People who have never used complex smart phones can operate android without much problem.

Aspect#2: Processor
Undoubtedly, processor is one of the most important element of any smart phone without which users might not be able to access files and data properly. The speed of processor in android is much faster when compared to IOS. Android smart phones have dual core processors that enable one to use features and applications at great speed.

Aspect#3: Internet
Unlike IOS, android have simple algorithms that allow appropriate internet speed. The browser has bookmarks which a user can use to access information easily. One can use bookmark for information that one needs frequently saving time and giving better results.

Aspect#4: Applications
Google has developed android such that it supports numerous applications which are not available with IOS. Applications of Google like earth, calendar, voice, translator, chrome are all available. These are very convenient for users and thus, most people prefer android when selecting a smart phone.

Aspect#5: Keyboards
Android allows using multiple keyboards on screen. This is helpful for those who use their device for sending and editing documents as one can use many spelling suggestions simultaneously.

Aspect#6: Multi-tasking
Nowadays, everyone believes in multi-tasking. One person has to handle various accounts simultaneously and wants important updates to be readily available so that no task is neglected. In such situations, android smart phones are the best solution. The system is designed such that a person can send, receive, share data and even receive notifications. These are not available in IOS.

Aspect#7: Live Applications
Android smart phones work on Linux. This provides virtual memory along with power management. One can access live applications and also the content is customized for users. This is a great benefit for users.

These are some technical aspects which make android an excellent choice for people who use mobiles in place of systems and laptops. The utility an android offer against IOS has made it the market leader. But this is surely not the end. One key reason for the success is the constant innovation and renewal of the basic operating system such that it meets the changing needs of users. It has bought a revolution by rendering useful and variety of features that every user will like to have.

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