Friday, 8 November 2013

Microsoft to change the world with Remote Desktop for iOS and Android

It was just a talk of a few days before that Microsoft announced about the release of Remote Desktop for iOS and Android too along with Windows OS, Windows RT and OS X. Another exciting thing is that iOS version will be supporting versions 6 and 7 where as Android with the Gingerbread base which is going to prove the best platform for all the smart phones. Remote Access Software’s have been storming the market with this news of their launch with the mobiles as it was once upon a time just used to run PC’s. It is just amazing because you are going to get a chance to control anyone’s PC, Tablet or Mobile with the help of this tool which is powered by Android Operating System and iOS too.

According to the experts of the IT Industry, there are many other applications which are to be launched in the near future but this Remote Desktop for iOS and Android is just spreading like fire creating a feeling of eagerness to grab it first before anyone else. Software developers are on the verge of creating a miracle which may make you all speechless very soon. The author Michael Roth even said these apps are really going to be a big deal to handle as they are very serious about the concept of desktop virtualization. He/she is going to experience the best that Remote Desktop Protocol is going to get to the best anyone could have ever imagined.

Remote Desktop for iOS and Android app is considered to be the best app till date when it comes to Windows 8 and Windows RT users. The fact remains that its licensing requirements are going to be a tedious process. But we can surely undergo through that to get the best.  You will need the client access licenses and supportive back end infrastructures in order to control the Remote Desktop app on Window as well as non Window devices.

Times are changing and Microsoft supporting the leading brand iPhone with such software is a surprise. But, somewhere as iPhone is the leading contender in this mobile industry it surely deserves the best. So, anyone with an iPad, Iphone, Tablet or a Mac, be well prepared because your world Is going to take you to a direction where new apps are going to roll out and just the release of it is going to make you fall head over heels for Microsoft and its ideas.

Imagine yourself controlling your desktop from your smart phone! It is absolutely going to great fun to touch and feel the magic of Remote Desktop for iOS and Android app as it is going to provide you with a lot of help especially when you are overseas working on some other important things.

Carrie Miller is mobile development consultant who is associate with Zealous Systems conveys the message through this article that the growing latest technology surely makes some sense to all the youngsters and application users who are fond of downloading new apps. It is surely going to be the first time for the entire rival mobile platforms that such popular software is going to be made available.

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