Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Google’s Android to Team up with Car Manufacturers

Technology and gizmos have always appealed people in a brilliant way. Most people cannot live without their gadgets even when they are going a few miles by road. They need every bit of entertainment to keep them alive. Taking this concept further, Google has decided to integrate its android app in the car entertainment systems. In talks with car manufacturers for this purpose, the sole aim of the integration is to enhance and optimize the experience of the people inside the car at any given time.

It’s a well-known fact that most people tend to spend most of their time inside the car. During these hours, people don’t really sit without touching their gadgets. Be it to find the location to the nearest restaurant or searching for the best music to play while on the road, people are always fiddling with their gadgets. Considering the safety implications of playing with your phone while driving, Google decided to come up with an integration which will allow people to use the onboard car systems and fiddle around. This can be useful if they wish to talk while they are driving or listen to music, search for maps etc.

Car industry was being targeted for a wide variety of purposes by many segments including entertainment, accessories but, for the first time it has been speculated by technology giants. Car manufacturers relied on traditional mechanisms and have responded to some in-car software systems that were custom made. This has been helpful in commanding using voice and for talking while on the drive. But, it does not really allow you to use any mobile apps. You can communicate while you are driving with any one using this software. But, one really could not highlight on the variety of apps installed in their phones.

If other software had to enhance and optimize the experience, they would need a lot of individual software apps in the first place and plenty of designers working at it. But, given the way Android leads itself as the best app for mobiles, the scenario for android is slightly different. It is innovative, different, creates new stuff all the while and is pounded by low cost testing technology.

There are many developers in the industry who are pro-android and have their hands well-set on this platform. Also the wide variety of apps that android has given to the world has not been given by any other platform thus far making it the most used platform.

It is inexpensive, highly popular and Google supports it. What more would a car manufacturer want. For safety, this integration would ensure all the possible measures have been taken and proper integration occurs. Most of the actions would be performed on voice commands thus giving you a safe and enhanced atmosphere to work in.

You can transform your car into a music world by just swiping the screen a few times. Open to the world of music, entertainment and togetherness with enhanced safety measures with Google Android car integration.

Carrie Miller has been working with Zealous System - A mobile development services provider for around 5 years. She is an android apps developer with a keen eye for machines. Her love for car cannot go hidden. This article talks about how the four wheeled machine will integrate Android to enhance the car driving experience. 

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