Saturday, 28 June 2014

Assistance from Google for communicating students with teachers

Years back, it was difficult for students to communicate with teachers, though there are different means like computers and cell phones. There was always a restriction for such mediums when it came to the communication between students and teachers. Since better education needs the better communication between both the groups, Google has started its venture to make this dream a reality.

Google Classroom App has been designed for students to contact their teachers and understand more about a particular project or subject. With this app by your side, you will never miss a project to be submitted or miss what you were taught in the class that particular day. You will always be in touch with your syllabus, classes and projects. This app can be considered as a blessing for student community as a whole. If used the proper way, this app can help students in assisting their studies and equip them for the exams and project submissions.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

The Options for Testing on Android’s Smart Platform

Getting an app tested on Android or iOS does not have much difference. The actual procedure that it takes for testing an app in both the platforms is the same, and similar is the end result too. But the difference can be pointed out only when we have a deeper look into the whole procedure. 

The reason why Android stand apart is because of it has a lot of possibilities. The devices which iOS works are iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Though these devices are almost common in features, the factors that make them different are the memory size, pixel density, screen resolution and speed of the processor.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Choose the Best Natured of Website for Your Business

It is not easy for you to indentify whether a particular website is a Static one or a Dynamic one. This is due to the fact that the difference cannot be found in the design, but it is through the functionality of a website that we can understand whether a particular website is static or dynamic. Moreover, when a site has a basic look and if it is for a small company that delivers adequate message without any pomp and show, it can be a static website.

Static websites are the ones that can be updated by an expert with a good knowledge of web development. These are the cheapest websites. Developing and hosting with the help of this website is not much of a deal. This is the reason why most of the smaller companies choose Static websites for Dynamic ones. Static websites are quicker to develop, cheaper to develop and cheaper to host.

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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Significance of Web Design and Web Development, individually

People these days, are quite familiar with the two terms “Web Designer” and “Web Developer”. It can be seen that these two phrases are often interchanged by those who are not much acquainted with the industry. Usually, clients who need to set up a website often make this mistake and think that both designer and developer are the same. 

Usually, when people get confused on both the terms and it can be usually seen that designers will be struggling to answer the questions that are related to adding the database to the website while the developers will be stumbling to give the answers related to color selection, layout, font styles and placement of image.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Dominance of Samsung exclusive apps causing damage to the Android world

Samsung is the best and the topmost brand taking a lead in the Android world these days. It can be seen that with the coming of Samsung Galaxy range of phones, especially after the launch of the S series of Galaxy range, Samsung has been able to succeed to a very large extent in the world of smart phones. iPhone, which was in the top most position before the coming of the S series, has started experiencing the coming of yet another giant to the top position.

Samsung has been able to make the word of Smart phones gain a peculiar position in the Smartphone market these days. The reasons are many. The real reasons why most people choose Samsung phones are because the apps released for the same are extremely user friendly. Yet another reason is that you get a whole lot of apps that are highly functional in the app store. Quality of the apps too is superior in nature. The highlight of all of the above reasons is that such apps are available for the users for free of cost.

Since app store has been lined up with apps for all kind of Android phones, other Smartphone users also have access to the apps. But when exclusives for Samsung phones alone are released, there is a serious threat rising up for the android ecosystem.

When Samsung has proved that it can become the best in the field of smart phones, it has indirectly started becoming a threat to the rest of the Android smart phones too. Since Samsung is the leading Smartphone company that is preferred by most of the people round the world. Taking into account this factor, many leading companies have started releasing Apps exclusively for Samsung smart devices alone.

The release of Twitter app for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is an excellent example for such an mobile application. This is not the first app to be released exclusively for Samsung. Similar apps that are meant for Samsung alone are Quickflix and Foxtel Go. These two apps are the exclusive releases for the country Australia. Yet another Samsung exclusive app is the Flipboard that has become popular for the past few years.

Due to such Samsung exclusive app releases, many users of Samsung smart phones, make it a point to buy Samsung phones alone even if they want to shift to yet another brand. The fear of losing the exclusive apps, make Samsung Smartphone users stick on to the same brand.

Yet another danger with the Twitter app is that there are chances for Twitter to move away from Android tabs to iPad. The Android Tablet environment could be affected due to the lack of such quality apps for tabs. The latest Twitter apps will be able to give a kind of credibility to the Android Ecosystem as there are little apps with as good quality as this one. The reason why Samsung Exclusive apps are considered a danger to the Android ecosystem is because such exclusives can make the users forcefully stick on to the Samsung smart phones, thus causing a major problem to the Android ecosystem.