Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Quick changes in Healthcare IT Industry Challenges Professionals

Technology has developed so far that people these days have made advancement in storing data the electronic way. Gone are the days when paper and pen were the tools used for jotting down the important information in any organization. With the growth of technology, it has been high time for Health information management professionals to make a major decision whether to follow the traditional method of documentation or to shift to a much more advanced methods of electronic health records, ICD-10 or data analytics so that they can move ahead successfully in this era of health IT.

It can be seen that the scenario of health care is changing in a very quick manner. This has urged many of the Health information management professionals to take up plans that can help them to move with the flow. The change to ICD-10CM/PCS code set, adoption of EHRs and great concentration on the information and data governance has all been urging a high demand for the change to be made in the Health information management sector.

The need for remaining in the competitive field is very tough in the days of information and technology. Hence care should be taken by health care professionals to stay updated in their knowledge of Information technology at any cost. Nurses with a degree of informatics and Doctors who have certifications in clinical informatics are of higher demand these days. Health information management professionals too at this point, have to check out whether they have upgraded their knowledge in the same, for the sole intention of catching hold of their current positions.

The growth of Information technology has helped in improving the collection and quality of the data related to health care. This has helped in developing a safer means of storing as well as maintenance of data. For the purpose of bringing in advancements in this area, the health care organizations must take care to take up the major steps that can help the system move on a smoother pace even in this competitive world. Making the necessary steps to increase the pace of the electronic data from various sources and integrating it to a centralized system will help in growing the quality of the patient care delivery.

The HIM practices that have to be considered for better development in the field are:

Data Governance- with the help of data governance, information management decision can be made with ease. Moreover, it helps the professionals involved to improve their task the right manner.

Standardization of Data- This is an important element in data management. It helps the HIM professionals to standardize data content, thus helping the organization to prosper.

Data collection, validation and Maintenance- These are the fields where the HIM professionals are to focus the most. Taking necessary steps to improving these can help in creating the right environment that helps in storing the data the right manner.

Data collection, analysis and output- With the help of these techniques, improvisations can be made to the performance of the organization. Better service, quality care, improvement in patient outcomes, and lots of other factors can be improved when focus is given to improve them.

Carrie miller is a web developer working with Zealous System and has been involved in the medical IT field for many years. The importance of IT and the changes it can bring about it the field is being discussed in the right sense through this article.

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